The Cornerstone Model

Our Mission

Cornerstone Christian Academy is dedicated to assisting Christian parents in educating the whole child, nurturing grace-filled relationships, and cultivating a biblical worldview.

Educating the Whole Child

At CCA, we believe that education is more than simply academic development.  Educating the whole child means that we understand each child as unique, with God-given talents. As such, we strive to encourage them to use their spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual gifts for God and His Kingdom.  learn more

Nurturing Grace-Filled Relationships

At CCA, we understand how meaningful friendships and connections play a huge part in the learning process.  Through a culture of forgiveness and restoration, we seek to model Christ's love for us through our interactions with others in our school and communities.  learn more

Cultivating a Biblical Worldview

At CCA, we acknowledge the infallible Word of God and our need for Jesus.  By learning, applying, and trusting God’s truths, our children are equipped to engage with the world as image-bearers of Christ.  learn more

Cornerstone Christian Academy recognizes parents' primary role in shaping the spiritual lives of their children, and intentionally seeks to support and partner with them through educational opportunities and support, affordable tuition, available child care for students, and open and consistent communication throughout the year.

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