Why support CCA?

As part of our mission to assist parents, we strive to make Christian education affordable and attainable for all families, not just those who can afford private schooling. The true cost of educating each child is around $12,000.  Knowing that this is not financially possible for many of our families, we rely on generous donations to close that gap.  

How is my donation used?

100% of your donation is used to support the school.  CCA is not-for-profit. Therefore any funds exceeding our budgetary needs are reinvested in the school or reserved for financial aid.  Your donation helps us make tuition affordable for all families, compensate our high-quality teachers for their gifts of service, and provide a conducive learning environment for our school community.

How much should I donate?

No gift is too small!  Here are some ways that your gift helps our school:

Regardless of how much you are called to give, we are grateful for your support.  Every donation counts!

What if I can't afford to give anything right now?

We have many volunteer opportunities for those who are not able to give at this time.  Your gift of service is just as valuable to us!  We also covet your prayers for us as we strive to provide an affordable Christian education option for our families.